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Reducing chronic pain via right foods and lifestyle....

Chronic pain often results from a persistent pro-inflammatory state. Inflammation in chronic health conditions like autoimmunity causes pain and damage to cells, organs.

  • Recent studies have identified many dietary choices that can improve chronic pain with antioxidant and and anti-inflammatory properties. The pain can be reduced by intake of unsaturated fats, fruits and vegetables.

  • Also including omega 3 fats , vitamin-D, magnesium, zinc, B-carotene rich foods help in reducing inflammatory pain.

  • High protein, low carb diet has also shown improvement.

  • Keeping the gut healthy with pre and probiotic rich foods is beneficial.

  • Fasting in once in 15 days has shown beneficial effects in managing pain.

Gut friendly recipe for reducing inflammation and pain.

Smoothie with fox nuts


Banana- 1 small

Beetroot- 1/4


Fresh whey water -50ml

Spirulina powder- 1 tsp

Foxnuts- handful

Fresh homemade curd- 2 tbsp

Water- 50ml

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

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