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Simple tips to build a healthy relationship with food.........

Updated: Jan 30

  1. It is important to see whether your food guidelines are there to help you or they generate anxiety. Some guidelines can be important for one person, whereas for other it could lead to unhealthy obsession with what they eat. For example, leaving gluten can be important for one person, but for others it can lead to stress.

  2. Ditch diet culture as it leads to restrictive mindset. Instead enjoy all food groups in moderation to drive sustainable change.

  3. Eating mindfully can help with portion control and weight gain.

  4. Don`t feel guilty after having your favourite food. Instead enjoy it and get back to track the next day.

  5. Have gratitude towards your plate and see if its nourishing you or you are eating just for the taste.

Here is a wholesome salad recipe for you to try and enjoy

Colourful couscous salad!

couscous- 1 katori


beet steamed -1/2


sweet potato steamed-100gms


raisins- 6-7

lemon juice -3 tbsp

olive oil- 2 tbsp

fresh coriander - handful

water to boil couscous

salt and black pepper as per taste

Boil couscous in 2 katori water with salt and olive oil. Once the couscous is done add all other ingredients except dressing.

Make the dressing with lemon juice, salt, pepper and fresh coriander.

Mix the dressing in the salad and enjoy.

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